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Web Portal is not just a website. Usually they are user-centric, featured with multiple roles, and provide various functionality. Portals are much more valuable for owners yet quite challenging in development. Expanice has successfully delivered various Web Portals for Wargaming, Suzuki, iCinematic, and other famous clients. Your business is the next in line!

What Makes Web Portals so Worthful

Expanice is:

  • 100+

    Projects delivered

  • 13+

    Years of development

  • 8

    Operating portal

  • 15

    Business niches explored

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Web Portals’ Features We Are Ready to Implement

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E-commerce features

  • Catalogues with smart searching;
  • Shopping carts with different checkouts;
  • Any payment possibilities;
  • Marketplaces for various merchants;
  • B2B connectivity tools;
  • Booking;
  • Referrals;
  • Promotional tools.
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Content management features

  • Content management logic;
  • Visual content editing tools;
  • Content distribution features;
  • Self-service publishing tools.
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Role-based access

  • User dashboards and member areas;
  • Multiple roles and rights;
  • Role editors for admin.
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Rich applications

  • Portal-based business apps;
  • Self-service user apps.
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Collaboration features

  • Version history record;
  • Cooperative editing tools;
  • Messengers and chats.
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Data processing and analysis

  • Data aggregation tools;
  • Data converters;
  • Dashboards;
  • Reporting tools;
  • Business Intelligence tools.
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Digital media distribution

  • Digital rights management;
  • Media usage control tools;
  • Online media editing tools;
  • Billing and payments.
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Social networking

  • Social media integration;
  • Community management tools;
  • Content sharing.
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Security features

  • Security standards compliance;
  • Rights management and control;
  • DDoS and anti-hacking tools.
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Highload possibilities

  • Performance control;
  • Caching.
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Third-party integrations

  • Custom API development;
  • Any third-party systems integration.
TechnologyTechnology Stack The right tech stack is, to a great extent, the key to your project’s success, while the wrong choice of web portal development technologies may be a reason for failure.
Programming languages:
  • PHP
  • Python
  • JavaScript
CMS solutions:
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL
  • Lumen
  • Express
  • Golang
  • Message brokers
  • Service mesh
  • Kubernetes
Frameworks & libraries:
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Vue.js
  • AngularJS
  • React
Shopping cart modules & extensions:
  • WooCommerce
  • Drupal
  • Commerce
  • Ubercart
Cloud-based infrastructure solutions:
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud
Automated testing:
  • PHPUnit
  • Protractor
  • Jest

Why Choose Expanice as an E-commerce
Development Company?


Flawless history

Since 2010, the team has successfully delivered 8 Web Portals which are still online.

As a team, we're on the very same page

Almost all Expanice teammates have been working closely for the last several years. That's why an average development speed is usually 10-15% faster than our client's expectations.


Win-win for both parties is the only thing we call success

From the very beginning, our software development company had no intention in making out like a bandit. A successfully finished project means for Expanice as it follows: the software we developed works fine; the client gets a maximum possible return on investment thanks to solved issue or caught opportunity; Expanice has generated profits with the project. Such clients are often returning with new needs, what makes us even happier.


A skillful leader rules each work stage

System architect — 7 years, UX/UI designer — 4 years, front-end — 5 years, backend (Azure) — 6.5 years, iOS developer — 6 years, Android developer — 6 years. You can interview any to make sure they're matching.


Expanice is from Belarus

It means Western European levels of proficiency and quality standards, along with Eastern European price rates. If to speak about T&M, our hourly rate starts from $32.


Communications are at the top of mind

We believe that any issues can be easily detected and eliminated at the starting stage with transparent communications. Doing the same thing during the next stages is always more costly and challenging.

A typical project development lifecycle
at Expanice looks as follows:

Steps imageSteps image

What we do


Community Portal with User-generated Content for World-famous Auto Maker


Rich Media Portal for Leading Film Equipment Producer