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Custom Software Development
Company That Cares!

Expanice Soft is a custom software solutions expert your business can fully rely on. Here you will find excellent communicative processes, strong both technical and business expertise, as well as effective practices for various occasions.
Our Mission Expanice is striving win-win for both us and our clients. This is the only thing we call success.
Some Facts
  • Our team is 13+ years in business.
  • 93% of our clients are satisfied.
  • We've finished 100+ projects.
  • A thorough analysis is always cheaper than solving the issues caused by its lack.
  • Persuading clients from useless implementations is necessary.
  • The team is starting within 10 days from agreement reach.

Expanice Soft Services

Here are the services our company brings to the table:
Websites development The website built in a good and honest manner is not only nice-looking. It is also optimized for mobile devices, loads fast, free of significant technical issues, has a proper structure, proof from possible security issues, ready for load pikes, and has many other features. We know them all.
Rich web applications development The technologies make it possible to build applications of any complexity that could be opened in a browser on any platform or device. We are deadly sure that platform-limited applications are already in the past for most industries and niches.
Mobile apps development A mobile application could help to catch different business opportunities, from fast hypothesis test to audience coverage expansion. Taking into account the level of popularity of mobile devices, it is most often unwise to ignore them.
Embedded software development Do you have a device that needs software to provide its functioning? We’re ready to cover your needs and develop all necessary things to make it up and running.
Team augmentation If your development team is struggling with insufficient work power, we’re ready to add the required specialists. The Expanice staff speaks English, skilled in different development methodologies, as well as highly experienced in the technologies we’re focusing on.
QA and testing Each and every software must be polished before launch with the users. We know what features and nuances to cover reaching the high level of quality.
DevOps Today's integration and delivery practices are mostly automated. Expanice team is able to design and deploy the environment matching your case the best.
Business analysis Every businessman should be aware that the cost of errors in software development projects is growing exponentially with the stages of development. That’s why business analysis is no way unnecessary costs but the way to avoid huge loss in the future.
IT consulting Want to discuss your IT-related ideas with those who understand the tech side well? Or just curious about some tech questions? We’ll help you find the answers to your questions.

Expanice Soft Industries

Here are the business domains and niches we’re familiar with:
Home Automation and Smart Building
Rich Web Portals
Healthcare and Digital Health
Real Estate
Logistics and Fleet Management

Why is Expanice the right contractor
you ought to choose?

Well, sometimes it is hard to catch why one developer is cheaper than the other one.
Let us explain the six most significant benefits of Expanice Soft as a contractor.

Flawless history

Since 2007, the Expanice team has delivered more than 100 software solutions. 93% of our clients were satisfied, and many of them expressed their willingness to continue when it will be needed.


As a team, we're on the very same page

Almost all Expanice teammates have been working closely for the last several years. That's why an average development speed is usually 10-15% faster than our client's expectations.


Win-win for both parties is the only thing we call success

From the very beginning, our software development company had no intention of making out like a bandit. A successfully finished project means for Expanice as it follows: the software we developed works fine; the client gets a maximum possible return on investment thanks to solved issue or caught opportunity; Expanice has generated profits with the project. Such clients are often returning with new needs, which makes us even happier.


A skillful leader rules each work stage

System architect — 7 years, UX/UI designer — 4 years, front-end — 5 years, backend (Azure) — 6.5 years, iOS developer — 6 years, Android developer — 6 years. You can interview any to make sure they're matching.


Expanice is from Belarus

It means Western European levels of proficiency and quality standards, along with Eastern European price rates. If to speak about T&M, an average hourly rate is about $35.


Communications are at the top of the mind

We believe that any issues can be easily detected and eliminated at the starting stage with transparent communications. Doing the same thing during the next stages is always more costly and challenging.

Values Why Expanice Soft
Way better than freelancers
Working with them may seem cheaper but it doesn't guarantee you'll be satisfied with the result. Our specialists have relevant experience to deal with the business problem of yours.
Cheaper than large outsourcing companies
We always have enough time to communicate properly to agree upon all the necessary details and create the solution for making your wishes come true.
It's your choice
Our dedicated team starts working on any project with passion. What's more, we can offer flexibility and transparency, which is also important for you, isn't it?