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Custom Software Development
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Expanice Soft is a custom software development company with strong technical and business expertise, excellent communication processes, and effective practices for various occasions. We'll help you transform your idea into a winning software product. Contact us to get the ball rolling!
Our Mission Expanice takes the complexity out of custom software development. Focus on your business, and we'll take care of the rest!
Some Facts
  • We've been developing bespoke software for 13+ years
  • Our customer satisfaction index (CSI) is 93%
  • We've completed 100+ projects
  • Thorough business analysis precedes all of our software development projects
  • We only recommend technology tools and solutions that will move your business forward
  • Our custom software development company is ready to start your project within ten days of signing a contract

Our Custom Software Development Services

Here's a rundown of services our bespoke software development company brings to the table:
asset_imageWeb developmentOur custom software development company uses an array of back-end and front-end programming languages and frameworks, from PHP and Go to React and popular CMS solutions, to create web applications that deliver. So whether you need a business website, single-page app, or e-commerce marketplace, Expanice is here to help!
asset_imageMobile app developmentAs a complex custom software engineering company, we can help you create native and cross-platform apps that perform well and look great across target devices and mobile browsers. Our know-how includes shopping apps with built-in customer loyalty and referral programs, healthcare and fitness applications, and mobile apps synched with custom IoT devices.
asset_imageDevOps consulting & implementationDrawing on our extensive expertise in cloud application development and deployment, the Expanice software development company can help your organization implement DevOps at scale. If you're looking to optimize cloud infrastructure costs, tap into automation testing, or speed up application releases, reach out to our DevOps experts!
asset_imageEmbedded software developmentDo you have a device that needs software to provide its functioning? We’re ready to cover your needs and develop all necessary things to make it up and running.
asset_imageIT staff augmentationOur custom software development and IT staff augmentation company boasts flexible engagement models. You can thus hire as many developers, designers, QA engineers, and business analysts as you need to fill in skills gaps in your project. Contact our business development specialists to discuss your IT staff augmentation requirements!
asset_imageQuality assuranceAnother reason to hire the Expanice software development company is our rigorous QA processes. We validate that every application we build undergoes thorough manual or automated testing before going live. Our QA experts can also review code written by third parties and prepare extensive recommendations for your internal IT department.
asset_imageBusiness analysisAt Expanice, we strive to create software that solves your business problems and keeps your clients engaged. That's why our bespoke software development company employs experienced business analysts who analyze your goals, existing IT infrastructure, and stakeholder feedback — and work hand in hand with the development team to ensure these requirements are met.
asset_imageTechnology consultingA complex custom software development company with a knack for innovation, Expanice lends a helping hand to startups struggling to choose an appropriate tech stack and development approach for their projects. We also offer technology consulting services for small and medium-sized companies undergoing digital transformation.
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Our bespoke software development company's know-how

Over the years, we've accumulated unique expertise in building the following types of IT solutions:
asset_imageApps for real estate professionals
asset_imageCloud computing
asset_imageSupply chain and logistics management systems
asset_imageCustom CMS solutions

What makes Expanice Soft the right custom software development company to handle your project?

Choosing a bespoke software development company is a challenging task. So let us make it easier for you:

Flawless history

Since 2007, the Expanice team has delivered more than 100 software solutions. And 93% of our clients were satisfied with our work, expressing the willingness to collaborate with our custom software development company in the future.


Team synergy

Almost all Expanice employees have worked together for the last several years. That's why we function as a team and build software 10-15% faster than our competitors.


Focus on customer success

We build software that performs well, meets our client's requirements, and ensures a speedy payback. Unless the customer is happy, we do not consider a software development project successful.


Technical leadership

Expanice Soft is a bespoke software development company that puts quality over quantity. Although our team is relatively small, it largely consists of senior and middle-level IT specialists with at least five years of experience. We can provide you with the Expanice team members' CVs upon request and organize interviews so that you can choose the right experts to undertake your project.


Communications are at the top of the mind

Communication breakdowns between the client and the bespoke software development company often cause problems in IT projects. That's why we are always honest with our clients, even if the truth might be difficult to hear, and encourage them to work together to find solutions.


Expanice is from Eastern Europe

We are a software development company based in Eastern Europe, where Viber, MSQRD, Loóna, and other incredible software products come from. So if you're after skilled IT specialists with reasonable hourly rates, you don't have to look any further!

Featured ProjectsComplete Software Ecosystem for a Smart Curtains Solution
Using the smart controller, homeowners can open and close curtains based on a custom schedule or the intensity of natural light and group devices within the same household.
Technology stack:
  • Embedded software:

    C, Mongoose OS

  • Flashing station:


  • Back end:

    PHP (Laravel), Go, Vue.js

  • Cloud infrastructure:

    AWS (EKS, RDS, ElastiCache, S3, AWS IoT Core)

  • Mobile:

    React Native

Team composition:
  • 2 Back-end developers
  • 1 Front-end developer
  • 1 Firmware developer
  • 1 Python developer
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Tech-lead
Project duration:
  • 4,000 hours
  • 200 weeks
Methodology & engagement model:
  • Agile (Scrum)
  • Time and Materials (T&M)