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We are an established team of full-scale software development professionals from Warsaw. We combine proven methodologies, innovative ideas, a business-driven approach and personalized solutions to empower your business.
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Our MissionAre you nurturing a product idea?

Expanice Soft is based in Warsaw, one of the biggest technology hubs in Eastern Europe. Using our knowledge, best-of-breed practices, and creative genius, we partner with companies and startups to suggest unique IT solutions worldwide - mostly from the US and EU countries.

We know how to achieve your business goals, address challenges and provide appropriate solutions in the best way possible by bringing together top engineering talent and deep industry expertise.

Our team has the ability to transform IT into a powerful asset that has helped to grow the business of leaders in retail, healthcare, E-commerce, education, manufacturing, consumer goods, logistics, travel, lifestyle, non-profits and banking, financial services and insurance.

TeamExpanice LeadershipWe are not just a group of software developers - we’re a team of enthusiastic creators and friendly technophiles.
asset_imageEgor SoskovetsPMO
asset_imageRoman LapaCEO
asset_imageNatalia OsipchikBusiness Development Manager
ValuesAre you nurturing a product idea?Hire us

Why Expanice Soft

Expanice developers have the right competence to build eCommerce solutions, social networking, mobile back-ends, sleek data processing tools, infrastructure for IoT systems, and more.
asset_imageTeam SpiritThe energy and resources that we invest in our teams transform directly into the energy and dedication that our team brings to relationships with clients. No matter how complicated your business problem is, we’re always mindful of achieving the end goal.97%Retention rate
asset_imageFull-cycle development servicesFrom a project idea to maintenance and upgrades, we can be your partner for the entire software development process. We continuously improve our delivery model and suggest the best quality services that bring incredible value to our clients.13+Years of experience
asset_imageBusiness OrientedWe help our clients define the feasibility of the project, outline potential risks and estimate the time and cost needed for project implementation. The success of your project is the only success metric that truly matters.24/7Support development
asset_imageWorkflow TransparencyHonesty and accountability are the key aspects of successful and longterm cooperation between the company and the client. We only charge for work we do, no extra administrative or overhead fees.25Expanice developers
ValuesWhy Expanice Soft
It’s better than freelancers
Working with freelancers may seem cheaper, but there is always a risk in freelancing as there is no one who will boss a freelancer and you can’t be sure when the work will be done in time. Can you be sure you will be satisfied with the result? Outsourcing tasks to our specialists means that the whole team with relevant experience will solve the problem of your business.
It’s cheaper than large outsourcing companies
If you’re looking for a high-quality development company, it is reasonable to outsource tasks to a quite small but experienced outsourcing team that has enough time for solving your problem. You can work with a company cause you’ve heard about it as being a large corporation. Сommunication there can be a little bit worse than with a small company, as in your case you have connectivity only with the leading manager of your project.
It’s your choice
Every project we get starts the same way – with a passion for what we are about to do. We form dedicated teams that can quickly and seamlessly integrate into your existing business and technological environments. We offer flexibility and transparency of project management processes. Competitive pricing makes our services a cost-effective solution to your business problems. Reach out to discuss your project with Expanice Soft!