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Check out the Expanice IoT blog to better navigate the Internet of Things technology landscape and build flawless connected solutions! Here we explain how IoT works under the hood and share practical tips for dealing with IoT implementation challenges.
TopicsBesides the Internet of Things, our blog covers software development and technology trends — from modernizing legacy software to using Flutter for your next mobile app project.
ArticlesWritten by our company’s C-suite, the articles from the Expanice IoT blog include how-to’s, comprehensive guides, cost estimations, and project retrospectives.
Contrary to popular belief, home automation has existed for many years, albeit in various forms. In this article, Expanice delves deeper into smart home evolution and emerging trends.Read More
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IoT security issues manifest themselves at every tier comprising cyber-physical systems — from hardware to embedded systems and end-user applications. Discover how your company could mitigate them.Read More
From choosing the wrong tech stack to failing to set up infrastructure properly, there are multiple IoT challenges that could bring your project to a halt. Here's how to navigate them like a pro.Read More
A properly designed IoT architecture can help you reduce infrastructure costs, scale the system vertically and horizontally, and keep customers happy.Read More
Even if your custom device solves a real-world problem and functions well, your business might go belly up — simply because you don’t know how to monetize your IoT solution.Read More
IoT projects may vary in size and complexity. The average cost of IoT solutions, however, starts from $50,000.Read More
Every IoT communication protocol has a set of parameters that make it a success in one Internet of Things deployment and a total failure in another. Discover what connectivity tech stack you should use in your IoT project.Read More
We’ve gathered the most interesting IoT-related conferences for 2022 both in the United States and globally.Read More
75% of IoT projects fail. This custom IoT product development guide from Expanice could help your startup avoid this scenario.Read More
Flutter is a flexible UI framework that will help you build a high-performance mobile app with a single codebase for iOS and Android.Read More
A turnkey SaaS solution for hospitals and spa salons that enables effective cryo unit management, secures patient data, and features a PoS system.Read More
In the article, we’ve conducted comprehensive research of the top cloud service providers, as well as some second-tier market players. You will find out the main features of each provider presented, their similarities and differences. It will surely help you make the right selection and avoid further losses.Read More
A cutting-edge software ecosystem aimed at promotion and sales of the US top-tier residential real estate. The ecosystem consists of two separate apps, for agents and their customers respectively. Each one is available for both iOS and Android.Read More
Started as backend-only software development for IoT smart curtains control devices, the project eventually turned into a comprehensive solution. The system includes device control software, highly optimized AWS-based cloud infrastructure, as well as the mobile app for remote control.Read More
In the article, we've explored both challenges and opportunities the new era brings to the car selling businesses. As well as give you some ideas on how to handle them with the help of IT.Read More
If your company has been operating your software for years, you might be tempted to keep the old system instead of building a new, better one from the ground up — even if the legacy system in question no longer meets your requirements. Discover why this approach will get you nowhere.Read More