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Topics Our team is glad to share the interesting ideas we have to share with you or even implement into your business.
Articles We will share our experience, use cases and thoughts on iot, mobile, backend, devOps solutions. And what effect they can bring into your business.
A turnkey SaaS solution for hospitals and spa salons that enables effective cryo unit management, secures patient data, and features a PoS system. Read More
In the article, we’ve conducted comprehensive research of the top cloud service providers, as well as some second-tier market players. You will find out the main features of each provider presented, their similarities and differences. It will surely help you make the right selection and avoid further losses. Read More
A cutting-edge software ecosystem aimed at promotion and sales of the US top-tier residential real estate. The ecosystem consists of two separate apps, for agents and their customers respectively. Each one is available for both iOS and Android. Read More
Started as backend-only software development for IoT smart curtains control devices, the project eventually turned into a comprehensive solution. The system includes device control software, highly optimized AWS-based cloud infrastructure, as well as the mobile app for remote control. Read More
In the article, we've explored both challenges and opportunities the new era brings to the car selling businesses. As well as give you some ideas on how to handle them with the help of IT. Read More
Today is the era when we deal with a vast amount of technologies, frameworks, and other possible tools to create a code. There is still great temptation to stick in the stack which has been popular years ago, and “keep it working as it goes” seems the best option. Sometimes it really is, but mostly not. Well, we can provide a few firm arguments to describe why we suggest writing the project from scratch rather than keeping it alive and adding new blocks in Jenga. Read More