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The Healthcare industry has one of the highest potentials for improvement using IT. Starting from new patients’ acquisition, available technological enhancements cover almost all the processes in any type of healthcare institution. Moreover, there are several well-known issues which impact the business efficiency quite heavily. And these issues could be effectively solved within IT. Just take a look:
  • About 65% is an average referral leakage in a typical medical network.
  • Only US Healthcare is losing massive $150 bln per year on missing appointments.
  • Each leaked patient is on average $3000 of lost revenue.
  • Medical errors are the third leading cause of death after heart diseases and cancer.
  • A typical healthcare provider fills out 20,000 documents per year.
  • $20 is an average cost of filling one paper document.

Medical Software Solutions
and Benefits They Bring

Let’s take a look at some specialized solutions for different kinds of healthcare-related businesses.
For each solution, we also described the benefits of its implementation.

For medical centers, hospitals, hospices, and private practitioners:

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EMR/EHR solutions

Implementation of Electronic Medical Records is an integral part of the paperwork automation for each medical center. It helps to improve staff performance drastically, as well as to decrease the number of human errors to a near-zero level. A key to success here is a thorough analysis of workflows and high attention to data security.
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Medical practice and hospital management software solutions

Automating the everyday routine, hospital management and medical practice management solutions make it possible to seriously cut down operational expenses. Moreover, advanced billing possibilities and smooth scheduling help to increase the loyalty of customers and reduce the referral leakage. For successful implementation, the development team must first of all analyze the existing workflows and eliminate the discovered flaws.
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Patient management solutions

Queue management, patient tracking and other patient-related activities are quite labor capacitive but simple. It makes them an ideal target for automation. It is also a way to track patients to prevent their leakage.
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Telemedicine and remote diagnostics solutions

Remote communications in the healthcare industry are booming due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Powerful communication channels, paired with the remote access to the patient health record, making it possible to provide better care for seniors, patients with disabilities, and to those who live in rural areas.
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Healthcare CRM solutions

Properly developed CRM is the most powerful tool for patient acquisition and retention. It could help to eliminate or at least drastically decrease the referral leakage, as well as provide much higher quality of service.

For medical testing laboratories:

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EMR/EHR for medical labs

Efficient secure data exchange is a must for today’s successful testing laboratory. The HIPAA-compliant EMR system is a comprehensive way to cover all the data exchange requirements thoroughly.
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Custom medical lab software solutions

Managing testing operations and results is a big stake of responsibility. The medical lab software makes it possible to automate the testing-related data exchange, providing patients an access to scheduling and ordering tests, as well as a secure possibility to get test results online.

For gyms and wellness providers:

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Digital health solutions

We can create different kinds of ready-made digital health solutions, combining mobile apps development with data processing tools and adding health tracking IoT devices if it is needed. It could be a mobile app for workout, nutrition calendar, virtual coach, or any other solution based on needs of the targeted audience.
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Custom web portals for gyms, fitness centers, and sporting clubs

Once gyms and fitness are customer-oriented businesses, the role of marketing here is very important. That’s why a glossy looking web portal filled with booking, payments, and other helpful features, is one of the most powerful customer acquisition tools here.
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Corporate wellness solutions

For enterprises which have their own health development programs for staff, developing custom health solutions looks more favorable than the usage of out-of-the-box software.

For MedTech companies:

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Custom E-commerce solutions

Every manufacturer of medical devices requires efficient sales and promotion tools. Expanice can furnish efficient online presence building custom web- or mobile-based E-commerce solutions that fit the needs of your business.
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Data analysis and BI

A key to success in any competitive niche is tracking and analysis of customers’ behaviour. Custom-built solutions we provide could receive, process, and present data in any convenient form.
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CRM for MedTech companies

An unique pipeline requires an appropriately set client relationship management system. The efficiency of the custom-built CRM is far higher than any ready-made solution could provide.

For pharmaceutical companies:

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Custom inventory management solutions

The pharmaceutical business includes a variety of materials that must be warehoused in certain conditions, tracked and restocked if running low. Our custom-built inventory management software usually includes ordering, payments, and vendor management features, as well. As a result, the procurements become more accurate and cost less.
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Pharmacy management solutions

The pharmacy management activities could include inventory management, prescription management and e-prescribing, auto refill, barcode scanning and other daily ops of pharmaceutical business. The main benefit is, of course, a possibility to cut down expenses.
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On-demand medicine delivery mobile apps

Online medicine ordering using special mobile apps makes it unnecessary to visit a medical center and spend a piece of time just for prescribing. Integrated with a user's health record, such apps exclude a possibility to prescribe wrong medicine. Thanks to friendly UX and fast delivery, such apps, if developed properly, could dramatically increase the loyalty of customers.
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Healthcare Software Development Services We Provide


Custom web-based medical software development

The popularity of cloud-based software with web interfaces is tied to access from different devices and platforms. The cloud infrastructure providing many famous vendors is enough reliable and secure to meet special requirements like HIPAA. Adding unlimited scalability and flexibility makes such an architecture preferable for achieving the most of tasks in the healthcare industry.

Custom healthcare mobile apps development

For some specific tasks like telemedicine, pharmacy delivery, digital health, etc., the mobile apps fit much better than the web-based ones.

Medical paperwork automation

Healthcare operations are always tied to massive paperwork, so automation affects heavily on overall business efficiency. The paperwork automation process we follow includes deep analysis of the existing workflows and eliminating the found bottlenecks.

IoT development for healthcare, medical devices software development

A wide variety of medical IoT devices require custom approaches in dedicated software development. We’ve used to build software bundles based on specific requirements and unique workflows.

Integrations and API development

Medical software often requires receiving data from different sources. To make it secure and smooth, we usually develop custom APIs with capabilities limited by interaction requirements.

Cloud infrastructure developmen

Setting the appropriate cloud infrastructure is a question of future scalability, as well as the prudent use of resources. That’s why it is highly recommendable to think of architectural design at the very start of a project.

Medical data processing solutions development

Receiving, processing, and presenting heterogeneous data is a pretty obvious task for the healthcare industry. We know much about processing data and building dashboards. And we are ready to apply the knowledge to solve your challenges.

AI and ML healthcare solutions developmen

Artificial Intelligence is booming in healthcare: it makes it possible to cover tasks that are unable to be solved with traditional IT approaches. Moreover, the performance of AI is often higher than the performance of skilled experts. A key to success in building AI-based solutions is a good dataset. So, if you have large collections of valuable data insights, let’s try to build something special for your business.

Security standards compliance

The healthcare industry has strict security requirements. HIPAA compliance as a requirement is included in almost every healthcare-related software development project. As a result, our team implemented special security requirements many times, so it won’t be a big deal in your case.
TechnologyTechnologies We Use in Custom Healthcare Software Development
Programming languages:
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • Golang
  • C/C++
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • MariaDB
  • MongoDB
Frameworks & libraries:
  • Laravel
  • Vue.js
  • NodeJS
  • React
  • IoT computing
  • S3 storage
  • Cloudwatch
  • Lambda
  • Redshift
Connectivity & Messaging:
  • Bluetooth
  • ModBus
  • RabbitMQ
  • TCP
  • MQTT

Why Choose Expanice as a Custom Healthcare Software Development Company?


Flawless healthcare-related history

Since 2010, the team has successfully delivered 9 healthcare-related projects with 0% fail rate.

As a team, we're on the very same page

Almost all Expanice teammates have been working closely for the last several years. That's why an average development speed is usually 10-15% faster than our client's expectations.


Win-win for both parties is the only thing we call success

From the very beginning, our software development company had no intention in making out like a bandit. A successfully finished project means for Expanice as it follows: the software we developed works fine; the client gets a maximum possible return on investment thanks to solved issues or caught opportunity; Expanice has generated profits with the project. Such clients are often returning with new needs, what makes us even happier.


A skillful leader rules each work stage

System architect — 7 years, UX/UI designer — 4 years, front-end — 5 years, backend (Azure) — 6.5 years, iOS developer — 6 years, Android developer — 6 years. You can interview any to make sure they're matching.


Expanice is from Belarus

It means Western European levels of proficiency and quality standards, along with Eastern European price rates. If to speak about T&M, an average hourly rate is about $35.


Communications are at the top of mind

We believe that any issues can be easily detected and eliminated at the starting stage with transparent communications. Doing the same thing during the next stages is always more costly and challenging. We believe that any issues can be easily detected and eliminated at the starting stage with transparent communications. Doing the same thing during the next stages is always more costly and challenging.

A typical healthcare-related development life
cycle in Expanice looks as it follows:

Steps imageSteps image

What we do


Multi-level Cryo Unit Management Solution for Sensor Data Acquisition & Processing

Providing sports better and faster recovery via the cryo units, our client required a strong backend-based custom software for their devices installed in SPAs, medical, and sporting centers. The main goal was to provide their clients remote control features using their mobile devices.

HIPAA Compliant Glucose Monitoring App Connected to a Diabetes Pump


EHR Web Application for Distributed Medical Centers