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Custom Web Application Development

Nowadays we can’t ignore the thing that you should be presented on the internet. So that’s why we pay great attention to how we can help you be there at a high level. Expanice Soft is the right partner to any web solution, despite its complexity and size.
What we do

Expanice Soft Services

Here are the services and skills our custom web app development company brings to the table
asset_imageCustom Front-End DevelopmentWithin the Expanice team, we convert any clients’ ideas into vivid and eye-catching front-end. We can do it professionally, where we take it to account for the latest technology and frameworks as well as trendy design.
asset_imageCustom Back-end DevelopmentWe truly believe the back-end is the heart of any web application, so we picky treat the technology when it comes to final choice for the client. We do understand the difference and can provide the options suits your solution, makes it stable and easily scalable.
asset_imageCloud Service IntegrationExpanice takes full advantage of cloud computing services offered by AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to create web apps and reimagine legacy IT solutions. We are achieving improved performance together with lower cloud costs by optimizing the technology and services stack of our clients' applications.
asset_imageCloud Infrastructure ManagementIn the modern cloud, it is hard to keep all the resources map in your head, so we are helping our customers to get infrastructure management done right. We are utilizing infrastructure as service approaches together with continuous integration and delivery to achieve the best results in infrastructure quality, performance, and stability.
asset_imageLegacy Code Analyzing & RefactoringA new project for us is not always a project from scratch, very often our projects are already existing web applications, where our task is to study everything that has already been done before us, to optimize it, and give such an option when it becomes even better.
asset_imageDedicated Software Development TeamIf you already have a team you like working with, by following an easy and transparent process we can provide the candidate makes your team better and able to move forward faster..
asset_imageInternet of Things integrationActively investing in this direction, we know how to make different parts of one project to work together. With such a technology army as MQTT, BLE, Zigbee, and AWS/GCP/Azure IoT services as cloud providers, we can be sure to have the multi-component project working in synergy.
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ExpertiseExpanice Soft Web Solution ExpertiseExpanice developers have the right competence to build eCommerce solutions, social networking, mobile back-ends, sleek data processing tools, infrastructure for IoT systems, and more.
asset_imageBrand ManagementThe Expanice Soft team crafts fault-free custom web applications that cover all aspects of creating and controlling the online image of your company. These include brand portals designed for 24/7 accessibility, document management and marketing automation systems, software for brand presence, and robust digital signage solutions.
asset_imageEnterprise WebWe definitely know, how to serve big to large companies, as the Expanice team has successfully delivered web development solutions, integration, and migration projects for healthcare, real estate, and media companies. Expanice Soft expertise covers the development and reshaping of business-grade software, CRM, ECM and DMS solutions, dashboards, and back-office systems.
asset_imageMobile Back-endsExpanice Soft web development experts create back-end systems enabling mobile app logic and processes including live chat, multimedia file storage, and sharing, real-time image editing, payment processing, multi-factor user authentication, and data analysis while focusing on security and continuous app performance optimization.
asset_imageE-commerceShould it be a small online shop or a large e-platform, our company leverages the power of ready-made e-commerce extensions and frameworks including WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and other PHP frameworks to create price comparison websites, service portals, crowdfunding platforms, online marketplaces, and delivery tracking systems.
asset_imageSocial networkingExpanice Soft has hands-on experience building advanced communication and collaboration tools including intranets, team workplaces and virtual communities intended to streamline content editing, aggregation and sharing, as well as media-rich corporate training solutions, dating websites and community-driven portals with diverse user roles.
asset_imageIOT DashboardsWe can create web dashboards to aid businesses in monitoring connected devices and putting sensor data to work. Our IoT experts implement reliable data visualization tools and cloud-based analytics solutions with Machine Learning capabilities to retrieve data from multiple sources.
TechnologyTechnology Stack Expanice developers have the right competence to build eCommerce solutions, social networking, mobile back-ends, sleek data processing tools, infrastructure for IoT systems, and more.
Programming languages:
  • PHP
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Golang
CMS solutions:
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL
  • Lumen
  • Express
  • Golang
  • Message brokers
  • Service mesh
  • Kubernetes
Frameworks & libraries:
  • Laravel
  • Symfony
  • Vue.js
  • AngularJS
  • React
Shopping cart modules & extensions:
  • WooCommerce
  • Drupal
  • Commerce
  • Ubercart
Cloud-based infrastructure solutions:
  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes
Automated testing:
  • PHPUnit
  • Protractor
  • Jest
StepsTo initiate web application developmentWe usually follow this way
1We listen to customer’s requirements and ideas
2Put it to UI/UX and prototype - get the client's feedback and start the development
3Main QA stage before project delivery
4Project launch
5Support and maintenance stage.

QuestionsFrequently asked questionsWe generally follow these steps
1How long will it take to my web site to be designed?
Having the right understanding that time is money for our clients we create the approach where we provide project updates gradually after each iteration (usually 1-2 weeks in the timeline). That means we strive to be in the market even with the minimal but valuable scope not to go behind with the business and start making money.
2How much will a website cost me?
It depends on the requirements and ideas you want to achieve. During our initial contact, it’s usually a call or email, we do ask about the budget expectations as it matters when working on a balanced solution with customer budget capabilities. We don’t have cases when we don't find the compromise and meet both - requirements and budget sides.
3I already have a website and it needs updating. Can you help me?
Sure, we are the right team for you in this case! We carefully review what you have, make up the improvement list - that project parts we suggest to rebuild - along with the new features to add. Along with this document, we create a development plan describing how we plan to integrate all the things with minimal effect on the working site. Everything works like a clock!
4Do you offer consulting as a service?
Yes, feel free to drop us a few lines on what exactly you need consulting. Our leads would be glad to help you and find out the best solution you can use further.
5What sort of support do you offer?
When we launch the project we don’t say goodbye to our clients, we just change the way we cooperate! You can any time apply if you might have any issues with the project or you need to add a few more features, etc - we can be your reliable and long term partner for sure.
6If I have a small task, can you help me with it?
Exactly! For us it does not matter the size or scope of the possible project, we are here to provide real help by the expertise we have and can share to better your business. Please feel free to contact us.