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Custom Home Automation Software and Smart Building Solutions Development

Home Automation and Smart Buildings are two domains which are quite close in technological meaning. What is more, both of them have huge market potential with CAGR 11.3% and 11.7% (see 1 and 2). The industries will grow in the next few years, being core buildout drivers for both residential and commercial real estate. Today, Home Automation and Smart Buildings markets combined have a size of about $130 bln.

What Home Automation and Smart Buildings
Are, and What Can They Bring to Business?

Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation is a variety of IoT-based hardware-in-the-loop solutions. They all aimed at automated control of different aspects of residential real estate: air conditioning, power supply, lighting, heating, ventilation, electronic door locks, CCTV, security, and others.

It covers, as well, connected home appliances, and multimedia entertainment systems. Such a machine-driven control not only helps to simplify the everyday life of tenants and improve their experience but also to save substantially on power and water supply.

Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings have quite similar meanings but are tied mostly on commercial real estate or large-scaled residential real estate like hotels. Lightings, elevators, access, power supply, and other systems can be controlled fully automatically, making such a building extremely efficient.

Operational service teams in Smart Buildings are much smaller which drastically increases profitability of facilities. SB is also attracting the best regional tenants who are ready to pay more for the most prestigious offices, apartments or rooms in hotels.
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Cut Down Maintenance Costs

Automatic sensors, controlling some areas of their responsibility 24/7, are far more efficient yet cheaper than the employees doing the same.
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Increase Tenants Satisfaction Rate

Smart buildings provide their tenants with an incredible experience of total control and top-class maintenance. What is more, they become even more loyal, getting lower bills thanks to high efficiency.
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Decrease Power Consumption Expenses

There are many areas with the differentiated power tariffs, several power suppliers, or with ability to produce power and sell excesses. All benefits in such areas can only be available with smart automation.
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Lower Downtimes Frequency and Duration

Machine health is also a part of Smart Building systems. Controlling vibrations, noise, and energy consumption of equipment, it is much easier to make unexpected downtimes almost nonexistent.
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Boosted Security Level

CCTV systems are usually based on the recording of recent events. Image recognition features can add some extra utility value: people counting, facial recognition, authentication by face, parking availability info, etc. Pairing it with electronic locks and motion detectors, and automatic alarms can make any building highly secure.
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and Eco-friendly

Smart Automation systems make buildings not only cost-cutting but also more eco-friendly. Lower power and heating consumption are quite trending and make the ones more demanded.
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Home Automation and Smart Building
Development Services We Provide

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Custom Web and Mobile Apps Development

We've already developed several web-based dashboards for connected devices management. Also, there were some convenient iOS or Android apps for receiving reports from connected sensors. Anyway, it could be what exactly your case requires.
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Integrations and API Development

Variety of non-trivial tasks lead you using hordes of inconsistent hardware and software. Custom API is a key to seamless integration of different elements into one coherent system.
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Embedded Development

Embedded programming is probably the best way to lead device work in accordance with business needs with highest efficiency.
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Sensors Gateway Development

Gateway is a kind of a hub that receives all the data from devices, then redirecting it to the cloud. We develop gateways that can easily orchestrate even the most different and incompatible pieces of data.
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Cloud Infrastructure Development

Cloud server is a place where all the data from IoT devices is processing. Its infrastructure is aimed to eliminate delays, data breaches, and errors to serve the cluster smooth.
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Home Automation Consulting

Have some doubts about your Home or Building Automation idea? Let’s discuss it, and we will probably find the best ever solution in your context.
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IoT Data Procesing and BI

Volumes of data from IoT devices can be really huge. Processing whether of massive volumes or highly inconsistent data may be rather challenging. Our deep skills in solving bad BI cases will help for sure.
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Data Security Compliance

Some IoT systems have rather tough security requirements. We’re ready to build you the system that will be compliant with HIPAA or any else security regulations.
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Deployment and Support

The development process is not the end for the home or building automation systems. Our talents are ready to put all the elements together, launch the system, and then confirm that it works properly.
Technology We Use in Home and Building Automation Development The right tech stack is, to a great extent, the key to your project’s success, while the wrong choice of home and building automation development technologies may be a reason for failure.
Connectivity & Messaging:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Cellular (3G, 4G, LTE)
  • Bluetooth
  • BLE
  • Zigbee
  • ModBus
  • OpenCv
  • NFC
  • RFID
  • Z-Wave
  • Serial
  • iBeacon
  • RabbitMQ
  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • AMPQ
  • XMPP
  • ZeroMQ
  • CoreML
IoT Platforms:
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS IoT
  • Azure IoT Hub
3d-party APIs:
  • Google Vision
  • MI Light Cortana
  • Alexa Voice Service
  • Philips Hue
  • Philips Hue
  • Nest
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Android Things
Programming languages:
  • Google Cloud
  • AWS IoT
  • Azure IoT Hub
Sensor Technology:
  • Analog
  • ADC
  • I2C
  • 1-Wire
  • RF433
  • BLE

Why Choose Expanice as an Home and Building
Automation Software Development Company?


Flawless history

Since 2010, the team has successfully delivered 10+ IoT-related projects with 0% fail rate.

As a team, we're on the very same page

Almost all Expanice teammates have been working closely for the last several years. That's why an average development speed is usually 10-15% faster than our client's expectations.


Win-win for both parties is the only thing we call success

From the very beginning, our software development company had no intention in making out like a bandit. A successfully finished project means for Expanice as it follows: the software we developed works fine; the client gets a maximum possible return on investment thanks to solved issue or caught opportunity; Expanice has generated profits with the project. Such clients are often returning with new needs, what makes us even happier.


A skillful leader rules each work stage

System architect — 7 years, UX/UI designer — 4 years, front-end — 5 years, backend (Azure) — 6.5 years, iOS developer — 6 years, Android developer — 6 years. You can interview any to make sure they're matching.


Expanice is from Belarus

It means Western European levels of proficiency and quality standards, along with Eastern European price rates. If to speak about T&M, an average hourly rate is about $35.


Communications are at the top of mind

We believe that any issues can be easily detected and eliminated at the starting stage with transparent communications. Doing the same thing during the next stages is always more costly and challenging.

A typical project development lifecycle
at Expanice looks as follows:

Steps image Steps image

What we do

IOT Smart home Mobile

Intelligent Video Analysis System for Personalized Home Automation

The client, a UK-based smart home startup, envisioned an intelligent system that would rely on advanced video analysis to track and recognize users as they move around the house. It would also monitor user activity and daily habits to learn their preferences.

Based on that information, the system would respond with personalized settings, sending commands to smart lights, home entertainment systems, climate control devices and other smart electronics.
IOT Web Smart home

HVAC Control & Wireless Zone Monitoring System

IOT Mobile smart home web

Smart Home Device Hub for Full-scale Configuration-less Home Automation