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Software Development Cost Calculator

Fed up with software projects going over budget? Having a hard time getting accurate cost estimates from software vendors? Struggling to budget your IT project adequately? Expanice will put your worries to rest with our sleek software development cost calculator!

Estimate the Cost of Software Development With Our Calculator!

Let's put our software cost calculator to the test! Below this section, you’ll find extensive information about how the software calculator works — and a step-by-step guide to making the most of it. And if you still have any questions, we're only one email away!

How This Software Development Cost Calculator Works

Our software cost calculator is designed to provide you with a precise and detailed estimate of your project. It considers a range of variables, including the complexity of your project, software features, team composition, and specific technologies and tools. Whether you are a small business eyeing to build a custom application or a large enterprise looking to streamline your software engineering process, this software project cost calculator can help you save time and money.

We Start With Your Project Type and Stage

Software solutions are not created equal. eCommerce apps or websites have standard functionality, like a catalog, product pages, and checkout. In contrast, IoT solutions may incorporate various hardware and software systems and require compliance and safety certificates. The same goes for healthcare applications. And our software project cost calculator has been programmed to make the necessary provisions while adjusting estimates based on the project stage — i.e., design, functional prototypes, an MVP, or a complete product.

We Consider Your Target Platforms

The platforms you want your software to run on add a certain amount of hours to your bill. When designing our software development cost calculator, we analyzed the basic features for every type of application, be it web, iOS, or Android, and arrived at a particular figure. For multi-platform solutions, the software cost calculator will sum up the hours.

We Appraise Every Feature Separately

Every feature beyond the standard platform assessment gets a separate estimate in man-hours. Let's take user roles and permissions, for instance. Admin and end-user accounts will suffice for most B2C products. A B2B solution, on the other hand, will likely have a super-admin layer on top, which means more work. And the Expanice software cost calculator knows the difference.

We Include PM and QA Hours in the Estimate

A skilled project manager will take the pain out of the software development process, allowing you to focus solely on your business. Meanwhile, rigorous testing helps ensure that your app functions as expected and delivers a five-star customer experience. For these reasons, our software development cost calculator automatically adds PM and QA hours to the estimate.

We Multiply the Hours by the Median Developer Hourly Rate

Expanice operates in Eastern Europe. That's why we multiply the total number of hours by our region's blended developer hourly rate, which fluctuates around $40. Therefore, this software project cost calculator will deliver a lower estimate than, say, a calculator designed by an American company. However, you can assess the cost of software development with another vendor using the number of hours from our calculator.

We Aim for Near-Perfect Accuracy

As a bespoke software development company that cares, we never mislead our clients. The software cost calculator we've built boasts a 90% estimation accuracy. Small corrections in the range of 10% of the final sum might be needed if your IT solution involves innovative technologies or extra features. We encourage you to contact the Expanice team once the software cost calculator does the math and discuss your project in detail.
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How to Use the Expanice Software Development Cost Calculator?

Our software development calculator is designed to be easy to use, so you don't need any technical expertise to get started. Enter your project requirements, and the software cost calculator will do the rest! Depending on a particular feature, one or more options can be available for selection.

Suppose you're looking to develop a shopping app. Here's what the estimation process will look like:

Select your solution type.

A shopping app falls into the "eCommerce" category. Make sure to select only one category from the list.

Specify your project stage.

If you're testing the mCommerce waters, it's enough to build an MVP containing the essential features for making purchases from a mobile device. Otherwise, choose between a visual design, a functional prototype, or a turnkey product. Only one answer will be accepted.


Choose target platforms.

To reach iOS and Android users, you may create a separate app version for each platform. Alternatively, you can make a cross-platform app with Flutter. The software cost calculator adds extra hours for tablet-friendly apps due to the heavy customization of user interfaces. In this section, you can select as many options as you like.


Decide on the UI/UX complexity.

If you already have design assets, the software cost calculator will add a lower amount to the final estimate. Otherwise, please choose between a template-based and custom design. Animations will make UI/UX design more expensive. Also, if you’d like to see navigation transitions between your app’s screen in the mockup or prototype, please mark “Animations” in the calculator menu. Multiple selections are available.


Figure out user roles.

A shopping app will likely have end-user accounts and an admin profile. Using the latter, you'll be able to manage the app's content, process payments, facilitate deliveries, and more. Here, the calculator will record just one answer.


Add your language options.

If you're planning to operate in your home country, you might choose one language. However, for international businesses, building a multi-language app is desirable. Please select one of the available options.


Narrow down login options.

Each login option — i.e., via an email address, social media profile, or one-time passwords (OTPs) — has a predefined scope of work. For your customers' convenience, you might enable several login mechanisms at once. Check the appropriate box(ex) on the software cost calculator screen.


Proceed to customer support.

Timely resolving customer issues is the cornerstone of a successful eCommerce business. To stay in touch with your clients, you may choose a live chat, feedback forms, a ticketing system, or all of the options provided by the software cost calculator.


Define your monetization strategy.

Most likely, your clients will make one-time purchases. For products and services monetized on a subscription basis, mark the corresponding variant. Alternatively, select “No” to jump to the next question. Only one option will be accepted.


Figure out user roles.

List the types of content. Copy, images, and videos will help showcase your products and provide comprehensive information for mobile shoppers. Please select one or several content types from the list.


Determine whether you'll need a live chat for customer support.

We've already listed live chat as one of the customer support options in the previous sections. However, you may further enhance it with the file-sharing or group chat functionality. You can select multiple options.


Include audio and video calls if necessary.

While it's unusual for a shopping app to support calls, consider incorporating these features as part of your customer service toolset. The software development cost calculator will accept only one answer here.


Explore geolocation features.

Select "Map With Pins" or "Map With Routing" in our software cost calculator to add geolocation services to your app's feature set. The functionality, among other things, will help you monitor deliveries, specify your physical stores' location on online maps, tap into proximity marketing, and more! Multiple options are available for selection.


Consider adding event-booking features.

Select “Admin Booking” or “User Can Book,” or both, to add the module and specify who will handle the bookings. Alternatively, choose “No” and proceed to the next section of the software cost calculator.


Improve customer engagement.

One way to keep your clients engaged is to enhance your shopping app with push notifications. The software cost calculator currently provides two options: standard push notifications or deep linking, which sends users directly to a particular page in your app. You can select one or both options, or make do without this feature.


Think of incorporating gratification mechanisms.

The Expanice app cost calculator includes two common gratification features: likes and ratings. Multiple answers can be accepted.


Tap into gamification.

To bolster user engagement, your application may utilize gamification techniques, such as quizzes, leadership boards, progress bars, goal setting, and in-app currency.


Improve your decision-making with analytics.

Analytics features could help you gain insights into customer buying habits and manage your inventory more effectively. Additionally, your app could benefit from the crash and logging analytics: with this data at hand, you’ll be able to detect and resolve technical issues faster, improving customer experience. Please choose one option from the list.


Mark any regulations your app must comply with.

Our software cost calculator includes estimates for the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI/DSS), which is a must for shopping apps. You may also choose “HIPAA” for healthcare solutions and “GDPR/CPRA” for products available in the EU or Californian market, respectively. Multiple boxes are available for selection.


Clarify your content management needs.

Last but not least, think of how you will manage your app's content. Do you need a full-fledged CMS solution, or will some basic functionality be sufficient? Please select one of the available answers. If in doubt, get in touch with the Expanice team.


Calculate the cost of software development.

Our calculator will produce a sum while enumerating all of the features and parameters you've selected. You can now adjust the estimate by disabling or deleting certain features — or return to previous pages to choose other functionality. If you need to verify the estimate's accuracy, contact Expanice and tell us more about your project!